Jean-François LEBRUN

Jean-François LEBRUN is a specialist on personal and household services (PHS). Since his retirement from the European Commission, he has worked as an expert for the Structural Reform Support Service as well as for the International Labour Organization and for the King Baudouin Foundation. He has written articles in collaboration with European PHS federations. Between 2014 and 2017, he was detached from the European Commission to the General Directorate of the Treasury at the Ministry of Finance in Paris and carried out an evaluation mission in the field of Personal services. At the European Commission, he was an adviser in charge of the PHS in this capacity he participated in the launch of the AD-PHS project.

Previously, he was Head of Unit “New Skills for New Jobs, Adaptation to Change, Corporate Social Responsibility and the European Globalization Fund ». His unit was responsible for the document which pioneered the concept of PHS. This unit was also in charge of monitoring several support actions for the PHS sector such as the impact program. He joined the European Commission in 1987 and dealt mainly with issues related to employment, social aspects of the internal market, local and personal services, European social dialogue and Community initiative program EQUAL.

Some years ago, at the Free University Brussels (ULB), he was assistant professor and researcher. Graduate in Economics and Master in Econometrics.

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